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Smart Guide To Angkor Wat Private Tour for family itinerary

Publisher: Rain Proun
Date: February 27, 2024

Explore the ancient temples of Angkor Wat with your family on a private tour from Siem Reap. Our experienced guides will take you to the most popular temples, such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and Ta Prohm, and share fascinating stories about the history and culture of this amazing place. Your tour will be tailored to your interests and needs, and you’ll have the flexibility to take breaks as needed. There are four benefits to opting for a private tour to fully enjoy the Angkor Wat experience.

Benefits of a private Angkor Wat Tour

private tour guide in siem reap
angkor guide private tour in siem reap

There are many benefits to booking a private tour of Angkor Wat. First, You will have to check his expertise and experiences and also message him directly and see how his language-competent message replies or calls him. Check out a personal tour guide before your booking when visiting Siem Reap.

Second, You should ask him about the tour or ask him to tailor the tour to your interests and family’s needs. Please kindly note the price of tour or entrance tickets is completely different for tourist destinations in Siem Reap such as small or big circuits and some other places such as Phnom Kulen, Beng Mealea, Kosh Ker, and so on.
If your children are interested in learning about the history of Angkor Wat, your guide can focus on that.
Third, you won’t have to worry about getting lost or missing out on anything.
Your guide will take you to all of the must-see temples and can help you avoid the crowds.

 Choosing Angkor Wat Private tour guide

rain angkor wat private guide
rain angkor wat private guide

When selecting a private Angkor Wat tour guide, it is crucial to get in touch with Mr. Rain, who is one of the exceptional tour guides in Siem Reap. He possesses extensive knowledge, expertise, and patience. Moreover, he possesses sufficient English proficiency to effectively communicate with your family. He is a tour guide who provides more affordable rates compared to others. Additionally, he is currently employed by various tour agencies both within and outside of Cambodia, and he has received outstanding reviews for his work.

Planning your tour itinerary

angkor thom temple
angkor thom temple

After selecting a tour guide, you can commence the process of organizing your tour. Determine the duration of your visit to the Angkor Wat tour and the specific temples you wish to explore. Also, consider the number of individuals accompanying you and your preferred mode of transportation. Your chosen tour guide will propose an itinerary and disclose the precise cost that is most suitable for the number of participants on the tour. Typically, family excursions encompass a three-day Angkor Wat tour, comprising visits to the main temple and the inclusion of attractions like Phnom Kulen and the floating village.

The optimal time to visit is around 8:00 AM when the temples are less crowded and the lighting is more aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, it is advisable to set aside some money for lunch at a nearby restaurant. Most of these restaurants gladly accept USD in cash, provided it is in satisfactory condition.

From my perspective, numerous travelers frequently request transportation from their hotel, resulting in them missing out on important information about the trip and proper preparation for the tour as well as activities to engage in within the city. In the event that you embark on a tour with your family in Siem Reap for the first time, it would be advisable to also arrange for a guide to provide pickup services.


A private tour of Angkor Wat is the best way to experience this amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site. With a private tour, you can tailor tours to meet your family’s interests and needs, and you’ll have the undivided attention of a knowledgeable and experienced guide. So if you’re planning a trip to Cambodia, be sure to book a private tour of Angkor Wat guide.

Here are some additional tips for planning a private tour of Angkor Wat:

  • Wearing proper clothes to the temple
  • Plan your lunch budget carefully
  • Purchase temple tickets in advance or obtain them at the ticket office directly for a cost of $37 per person per day
  • Give Tips to your tour guide and driver services at the conclusion of the tour
  • Make sure to book your tour ahead of time, especially if you are traveling during the busiest time of the year (October to March).
Start Planning Your Trip Now

Create your own tour, you can reserve your trip the way you want it. There are no extra fees or hidden costs.

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