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Banteay Srei Private Angkor Wat Tour

Explore Banteay Srei private Angkor Wat tour from Siem Reap, Cambodia. Here is the best highly recommend the best time to visit, What makes Banteay Srei private Angkor wat tours Special, and Tour Itinerary.


 I. Best Time To Vist Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei, the best unique temple carving, is well known as the lady temple north of Siem Reap Center. It is 35 km from Siem Reap Centers. It will take you around 45 minutes by car to reach out there. It is along the way to see there, you also enjoy local people doing handmade products such as palm sugar, basket, and fishing nets who are the farmers.

Along the way, The landmine museum is open to tourists every day. To enter, each person must pay 5$ for a ticket. After arriving at the temple area, you will walk past the souvenir shop and bathroom. The temple ticket is required to be shown to the temple guardian in front of the temple

II. What makes Banteay Srei private Angkor wat tour Special

Banteay Srei temple was built by two gurus Yajnavaraha, and his younger brother Vishukumara in the year 967 in the late 10 century during the reign of king Rajendravaraman II, dedicated to the Hindu religion the main god Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Bhrama.

This temple was constructed on the foot of Kulen mountain, in the former city that was once called Ishvarapura which meant in Sanskrit as the city of lord Shiva. Banteay Srei is a temple that is surrounded by outer walls measuring 110m by 95m in the form of a rectangle. The temple consists of a central sanctuary surrounded by satellite structures. The buildings are decorated with carvings and sculptures depicting scenes from Hindu mythology and everyday life in ancient Khmer society.

It was discovered by the French in 1914. Unfortunately, the French got the war with the German in the first world war. French also escorted Khmare to join the army. 1924 French decided to leave the Angkor area for this temple area by joining with local people in this mission. They asked local people what was temple’s name and replied that because of this temple carving beautiful lady temple.

They know that the date of construction was 1967 and named Tripman Mohesvarak during the reign of king Rajendravaraman II. 1968 king Rajendravaraman II passed away.

His son, Jayavarman 5, was crowned as the king. He was a young king so all the work of temple construction belonged to the Guru of King two gurus Yajnavaraha, and his younger brother Vishukumara

This temple was built for dedicating to the trinity gods. 1931-1936, the French Started to fix this temple and excavated and found 11 inscriptions.

It was reconstructed by using analysis by the french because it was small that has only 3 towers. This temple was covered by ground and trees. This temple was removed temple foundation, gallery, and temple materials. The temple foundation you found nowadays was not the original.

The temple area was the largest center of youth education learning, learning astrology, Budish philosophy, and inscription and his family was a relative of the guru of the king since 921. All Khmer Kings Angkor period also got an education from their family relative.

It was also the center of art and culture, carving, and styling of sculpture. This temple area had beautiful flowers, gardens, animals, and places to serve people who come from far away. He supported the orphanage and was kind to all the people no matter they are poor or rich people.


III. Tour Itinerary

Breakfast at your hotel, and continue to visit Banteay Srei Temple around 8:30 Am.

Seemingly miniature in comparison to the other Angkor Wat temples, Banteay Srei is considered to be the jewel of classical Khmer art. Built-in pink sandstone, the walls are covered in exquisitely preserved carvings of unusual delicacy. Because of its small size, fairy-like atmosphere, and extraordinary examples of Khmer sculpture, this temple is often a favorite among visitors. Then, we will also visit Preah Khan temples.

On our way back into the Angkor Archaeological Park, we will visit some of the most interesting temples of what is called the Grand Circuit, Pre Rup temple, Neak Pean, and Tasom lunch then come back to the city to see a floating village and lastly, we will bring you back to the hotel.

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