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9 Reasons a Private Siem Reap Guide Is Your Passport to Adventure!

Publisher: Rain Proun
Date: March 7, 2024

Embark on a journey through Siem Reap’s rich tapestry with a Best reviews private Angkor guide, where ancient wonders and modern marvels converge to redefine your travel experience. There is a lot to see and do in the amazing little city of Siem Reap. The city celebrated its 1200-year anniversary in 2002, and remnants of the past still exist in the architecture and culture. In this charming riverbank city, the ancient and the modern seamlessly coexist.

private angkor wat guide from siem reap

When planning a trip to Siem Reap, many travelers are aware of the temples, with Angkor Wat being the most well-known. But because most visitors do not use a local guide, they miss out on a lot of the city’s and its surroundings’ attractions. Even if you’ve been to Siem Reap previously, the city has evolved, and hiring a local tour guide while you’re in Siem Reap will make your trip so much more interesting and rewarding. So let’s look at some of the advantages of using a local private Siem reap tour guide.

1. Expert Insights Unveiled: Siem Reap Tour Guides Deliver Unparalleled Advice!

rewviews private angkor wat guide
rewviews private angkor wat guide

Benefit from the wisdom of local guides who go beyond typical tourist recommendations, offering insider tips on accommodations, visa and travel advice, ensuring your Siem Reap adventure is seamless and worry-free.

A local tour guide can provide you with visa and travel advice even before you leave the comfort of your own some advice on accommodations could be especially important. Some of the major hotel booking companies haven’t updated their listings since COVID. They are still booking and confirming accommodations in hotels that no longer exist. Your local guide can advise you whether the hotel you’re planning to stay in is still in operation.

Many tourists have been caught up in this situation, some even arriving at hotels that have been demolished! Until this problem is resolved, it pays to have someone at your destination to ensure your hotel is in operation and that the photos reflect the condition of the rooms. This is not just a problem in Cambodia but worldwide at the moment, so it pays to get any accommodations you are booking checked prior to paying any money.

2.  Get Your Guide Siem Reap to a Flawless Arrival Experience!

rain private angkor guide
rain private angkor guide

Discover the art of stress-free travel with local guidance. From securing the correct currency to avoiding common pitfalls, your Siem Reap guide ensures your arrival is not just smooth but an experience worth remembering.

The little hints and tips from a local guide, like having the correct money for your visa in crisp, new US Dollars, will make your arrival a much smoother and more pleasant experience.

Your local guide can organize transportation for you at the correct price and save you from paying more than necessary for many other things. They will ensure your driver doesn’t take you out of the way to your destination in order to charge more for the trip.

A local tour guide can also advise you on many of the newer accommodation offerings available in Siem Reap that aren’t advertised on the large hotel booking agencies. These include homestays, where you can live with a Khmer family, and small boutique hotels with great personal service. They can tell you which places have pools, great restaurants, and other amenities, as well as the price. Direct bookings often get a discount, so you could save a lot of money, hassle, and disappointment by having a local guide check things out for you.

Your local guide can also warn you about local scams, like the baby milk scam. This scam catches generous visitors who hand over $30 or $40 for baby formula, which is then returned to the shop for the shopkeeper and scammer to get half of the price. The babies are often drugged.

angkor wat private tour
angkor wat private tour

They can also explain the unfortunate repercussions of giving money, sweets, or toys to children who are begging on the streets and why you don’t visit orphanages.  Your well-intentioned good deeds might backfire, especially if they benefit the children who are the targets of dishonest people. Again, this is not just a Cambodian problem, and the advice given can help you out in many countries around the world.

3. Unlocking the Heart of Siem Reap: Local Knowledge for a Deeper Connection!

angkor wat sunrise tour
angkor wat sunrise tour

Dive into the soul of Siem Reap as your local guide unveils hidden treasures, from lesser-known temples to cultural anecdotes. Experience the city’s true essence through the eyes of those who call it home.

Siem Reap is a fantastic city; it is packed full of great restaurants and attractions. A local guide can direct you to some great places you wouldn’t normally find. Fancy a spot of axe throwing or archery using traditional bows and arrows? How about lunch in a hammock over a lotus pond? A local guide can provide you with insider knowledge on entertainment and attractions that don’t make it into the big tourist guides.

4. Beyond the Surface: Discover Siem Reap’s Soul by Exploring the City’s Hidden Gems!


Go beyond the usual tourist trail. Explore the Old Market area, uncover century-old buildings, and learn about Siem Reap’s multicultural history. Your local guide transforms your visit into a captivating journey through time.

Siem Reap is an old city; there has been a village here for more than 1200 years. The river that runs through the city is actually a canal that the Khmer Empire’s workers dug to connect the city of Angkor Thom to the enormous Tonle Sap Lake. Along the canal, local temples and wats were built wherever a settlement began. There are remains of these ancient temples still in the city; one modern Wat still has 10th-century stupas on the grounds.

The Wats in Siem Reap are all worth visiting; they have serene gardens where you can relax and unwind under blossoming trees. But they are all unique, and several feature places really worth visiting. Wat Themi has a memorial to the victims of the Khmer Rouge, with a stupa filled with human bones. Wat Bo features a collection of ancient Khmer Royal ceramics collected by an Abbot that is studied by archaeologists today.

A walking tour around the Old Market area with a local guide will enrich your understanding of the city and how it developed. There are still old buildings from a century ago in this part of the city, like the Chinese shop houses that surround the Old Market.

A local guide can inform you of just how multicultural Siem Reap was prior to the 1970s, with merchants from all over Asia trading here in the early 20th century. In fact, Siem Reap was part of Thailand in the 19th century, and a local guide can show you images of the time, including the huge Siemese citadel that once stood on the river banks.

5. Cultural Revelations: Siem Reap Unveiled – A Journey into Cambodia’s Rich Heritage!


Immerse yourself in Cambodia’s vibrant culture. Your guide not only explains ancient traditions and festivals but also provides opportunities for you to participate, ensuring an authentic connection with the local way of life.

Cambodia is amazing. It is a Buddhist country with remnants of ancient folk spiritual beliefs that have merged into a unique culture. You can see practices still being carried out just as they were 1200 years ago.

There are festivals and celebrations held throughout the year, and all have their own special significance. A local guide can not only explain what that significance is but also provide ways you can participate in cultural events. Join in; the locals love it, and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

A local guide can also explain the customs and how to interact with the locals without causing inadvertent offense. For example, it is rude to touch anyone on the head, even a child, so a friendly toss of a child’s hair can be considered extremely insulting.

They can explain the different methods of greeting someone and why Khmers continually “cheer” everyone when having a drink, plus a lot of other traditions that visitors don’t understand.

They can even help you haggle at local markets and teach you how to do it in a friendly and fun way so that everyone is happy at the end of the transaction.

6. Tailored siem reap private tours to meet your interests and budget

angkor tour guide
angkor tour guide

Your Siem Reap adventure is personalized to your interests and budget. Whether you’re a foodie, bird watcher, or history enthusiast, your guide designs an itinerary that reflects your passions, making your journey truly unique.

A private tour guide in Siem Reap enables you to have the experiences you want within the budget you have allocated. While the temples and monuments of the Khmer Empire are the reason most people come to Siem Reap, there’s much more in the area to enjoy.

Many people get “tempted out” after a day or two and yearn to see something else. A local tour guide can take you to sacred waterfalls, floating villages, wildlife refuges, and much more.

Your guide will find ways to accommodate your interests and hobbies if you let them know about them in advance. A professional guide like Mr. Rain can create an itinerary that is as unique as you are, regardless of whether you are a foodie, bird watcher, archaeologist, gemologist, art lover, or photographer. A guide can help you find what is available and will save you money searching for yourself. They can also cater to your budget, whether you are here to live largely or have a cheap and cheerful visit.

At the upper end of the scale are three world-class international-standard golf courses, one of which was designed by golfing legend Sir Nick Faldo. You can attend exclusive dinners held at night at the temples, prepared by some of Cambodia’s top chefs. Here you will be entertained by traditional Royal Khmer dancers and musicians performing by candlelight in the temple. It is truly an experience of a lifetime and comes with the price tag expected of such an exclusive dinner. There are also cocktail cruises on traditional gondolas on the moat of Angkor Wat at sunset, balloons, helicopter, or light aircraft rides over the temples, and an elephant sanctuary where you can feed and swim with rescued elephants.

For a more budget-friendly holiday, there are still plenty of cheap and free things to do and see. Mini Golf, lunch or dinner on a lotus farm, exploring the Botanical Gardens and the Royal Gardens, or visiting the local Wats in town, just to name a few. A good local guide like Mr. Rain can also organize village visits with cow cart rides, fishing trips, and many other activities that are easy on the wallet.

7. Finding ‘secret’ places that most visitors don’t see


Did you know there was a concrete space shuttle in Siem Reap? Or a collection of magnificent Khmer Empire ceramics in a local Wat? Have you ever seen fruit bats hanging from the trees? Or gibbons in the wild?

There’s plenty in and around Siem Reap that tourists never see, and some are rather significant to the history of the country.

In one of the Wats is a mural that was shot at by young Khmer Rouge soldiers when they desecrated the monasteries in 1975. The Khmer Rouge were atheists; however, when the soldiers shot at the mural, they carefully avoided damaging anything religious or spiritual, indicating that the indoctrination of these particular soldiers was not completely accepted

8. Beyond Ordinary: Siem Reap Promises a Journey of Enrichment and Discovery!

private angkor tour guide in siem reap
private angkor tour guide in siem reap

Your Siem Reap experience transcends the ordinary. With a local guide, you gain profound insights into Cambodia’s history, culture, and daily life, transforming your visit into a journey of enrichment and discovery.

If you are looking for more from your visit than a few Instagram-worthy selfies, a local guide is your answer. Your visit will be much more interesting and enriching with someone showing you the real Cambodia, answering the multitude of questions most people have, and explaining what you are seeing.

9. How to find your local Siem Reap tour with locals

private angkor wat tour guide
Rain Private Angkor Wat Guide

Discover the authenticity of Siem Reap with local tour guides. From current reviews to personalized itineraries, find out how to choose the perfect guide, ensuring a genuine and immersive experience in this captivating city.

Look for reviews online, but ensure the reviews are current and not three years old. As with accommodation, the major online booking agencies still display out-of-date listings.  A good tour guide, like Mr. Rain, will have reviews dated within the last month. To see his listings, please follow this link.

Your hotel will have recommendations for tour guides who you can contact before your trip. In this scenario, however, you are restricted to the guides employed by that particular hotel. So we encourage further independent research.

Contact the tour guides you find online and see what they have to offer. To contact Mr. Rain, please follow this private Angkor Wat tour guide.

Cambodia and Siem Reap are amazing, and they deserve more than a fleeting visit for a few happy snaps at Angkor Wat. This country will open your eyes to very different ways of living, from rural villages with homes made of palm thatch to the floating villages on the Tonle Sap. To get the most out of your visit, employ a local guide, it can change how you look at the entire world

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