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A Guide To Choose Angkor Wat Tour Guide Price

Publisher: Rain Proun
Date: October 2, 2023

Angkor Wat is one of the most famous and most visited attractions in Cambodia and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for very good reasons. It is a stunning complex of ancient temples built during the Khmer Empire between the 9th and 12th centuries and is not only extremely rich in history but also boasts magnificent architecture and the art of this once-thriving civilization. To enjoy lifetime experiences in Siem Reap  Hirng best siem reap local guide is a wise investment.

Learn about the cost of hiring a tour guide for your visit to Angkor Wat, including tips on how to find a reputable guide and negotiate a fair price. If you are planning a visit and have so much to see, you are probably wondering what the price of an Angkor Wat tour guide is. To help you navigate and enhance your experience, having a knowledgeable and friendly guide show you around will better explain the fascinating history and mysteries of the temples and of the Empire in its functioning days.

The price of the Angkor Wat tour guide will depend on several factors, such as your choice of language to be used, the duration of the tour, the distances to be traveled, and the quality of service provided. For example, a guide using the English language will cost $35 per day when touring the small or large circuits of the complex, but if traveling further afield on some days or for excursions outside the Angkor complex (like to floating villages on Tonle Sap Lake or Kulen Mountain), you can then expect to pay a little more to cover their time and costs. These tariffs are set and issued by the Cambodia Tourist Guide Association. You will find all the daily prices for each language and the various excursions here.

The Price of Angkor Wat Pass

angkor wat ticket
angkor wat entrance ticket in Siem Reap

The cost of a private Angkor Wat tour guide does not include the entrance fee to the Angkor Archaeological Park, which is compulsory for everyone (excluding Cambodian nationals and children under the age of 12). The price depends on the number of days you wish to visit and the pass you choose.

It is $37 for a 1-day pass, $62 for a 3-day pass, which is valid for 10 days from the date of issue, or $75 for a 7-day pass, valid for one month from the date of issue.

You can purchase your pass at the official ticketing office or online if you wish to book prior to your arrival. There is no difference in cost when using either of these services.

The Price of Transport

private siem reap taxi
private siem reap taxi

The price of your Angkor Wat tour guide also does not cover the price of transport to and from your accommodation and between temples, but your guide will assist you with this if need be. There are various means of getting around, again depending on the number in your party, the distances, and your preference for comfort. Vehicle options include a bicycle, tuk tuk, car, or minivan.

If opting for a tuk-tuk, prepare to pay $25 for the day, which will carry up to 4 people.

A car covering the small or large circuit of the park will cost $30 for 1-2 people and $40 for 3-6 people. ($10 extra should you wish to visit Banteay Srie on the same day).

A minivan will cost $50 and carry between 6 and 15 people.

The cars and minivans are air-conditioned, and you will be supplied with fresh water and cold towels, which will come as welcome relief from the exterior heat. Remember that you may also need a car or van when traveling longer distances or during the rainy season.

The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Tour Guide

With Angkor Wat being such an important and awe-inspiring archaeological site, it truly deserves to be seen with an insightful and knowledgeable guide. For the following reasons, I highly recommend using a guide:

  • There is a wealth of religious and cultural history to learn, and a tour guide will explain the meaning of many things you will miss exploring alone. You can easily miss the meaning and significance of the many inscriptions, carvings, basreliefs, and statues that adorn the temples, depicting stories of past history and life at that time. You will often not find some of this information in the guidebooks.
  • A guide will customize your itinerary according to the time you have, your preferences, and your budget. They will help you choose the best routes and times to avoid crowds, the best places for photo opportunities, and allow you to venture off the beaten path in safety.
  • A good guide will assist you with the practicalities of booking tickets and organizing all transportation (including your boat, should you visit the lake). They will help you communicate with locals respectfully, assist with vendors, and help you find food and drinks throughout your trip.
  • A good guide is also great company, making your sightseeing highly interactive and fun! They will answer your questions, help with language, and take photos for you at your chosen favorite locations along the way.

When choosing and paying for a private Angkor Wat guide, make sure to check that they are licensed and have their full official certification. To be sure and feel comfortable with your guide’s ability and qualifications, it is a good idea to look online for positive reviews from other travelers who have used their services. This will give you some idea of their professionalism, efficiency, enthusiasm, and level of language.

For example, I have personally used Mr. Rain Proum, who has an excellent reputation and many 5-star reviews to read. You can check out his profile, which displays the pride and passion he has for imparting his knowledge and showing tourists around the Angkor Wat complex, surrounding temples, and his other hidden gems. He thoroughly enjoys offering his expertise with a boundless love for his country’s history and its people. You can also contact him directly to start planning or get a quote from him through his website.

I personally also like contacting the tour guides directly to avoid being charged any excess fees from agents. You can find private angkor wat tour guide, Mr. Rain Proum here:

In conclusion

Angkor Wat and its surroundings are one of those places you could spend many weeks and months exploring. I have lived here for several years and still have much to discover! As I said, it is a wonder of the world for a reason, and to enjoy it in all its majesty, I believe it to be thoroughly worth the price of an Angkor Wat guide to enrich your experience of this wondrous place and take away memories to last a lifetime.

However you decide to travel, I wish you all safe travels and happy trails!


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